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...for Buyers

Don't you hate looking for a good designer who can (probably) create something perfect just for your product and business? At CreatixWorld you can find already made creative Logos for lots of industries, styles and categories.

Search. Buy. Be happy!

6 Easy Steps to buy a logo


1. Search for a logo you are interested in
2. Click Standard License Price or Exclusive License Price to add that logo to your cart
3. Read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
4. Enter your details to Register and activate your account. If you are a member of CreatixWorld, just enter your details and click Sign In
5. Go to your cart and checkout now to make the payment.

6. Done! An e-mail was sent to you with links for downloading the logo's files and also you’ll find in there the Invoice and Legal Copyrights of the project.

Do you need any changes for your logo?

Don’t worry! One of our website’s features is that our Contributors can also help you out by making any changes you request. In each project’s page you can check the bottom of the page to see if the Contributor is available or not for making any changes to the logo. Just send a message to the Contributor and let him/her know what changes you need. You and the Contributor decide the price for the changes. Then you can work on the changes outside the CreatixWorld Site. You can build a strong business relationship with the Contributor if you like.


Can't find the logo you need?

If you can't find the logo you are looking for, simply Contact Us and we will create a logo for you absolutely free of charge, deposit it in our stock and let you when it is available for download, so you can buy the logo. Simple as that.


If you need any help with understanding the above information or instructions please feel free to take a look over FAQs or e-mail us. We'll be glad to help you and make sure you can maximize your potential on CreatixWorld.

...for Contributors

Don't you hate it when clients have discarded some of your best ideas? It's time to bring those ideas back to life. Sell your logos through our website to reach new clients from around the world.


Steps to sell your designs and make money

1.     Register on

2.     Read this page in detail and follow the instructions closely

3.     Read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

4.     Upload your logo and fill out the necessary fields

5.     Wait for our confirmation email that your logo is published

6.     Upload more logos

7.     You will be notified when your logo is sold

8.     Login to your account and add your payment instructions into your account

9.     Request a payout and wait to receive the money.


Rules for how to prepare your files for upload

· The design must be original and created by you

· You can use any ready-made design elements, but only if you paid for them. Design elements that you can use include (but are not limited to) vectors or illustrations, fonts, illustrations included in dingbat/ornament typefaces.

· Do not include personal signatures, watermarks, recognizable faces or properties, copyrighted/trademarked/patented products, copyrighted maps/globes, registered or unregistered trademarks or trade names, fonts you don't have the rights to use, other artists' work.

· Do not include an existing identifiable product, copy the design or style of an existing brand or product.

· If you trace images you must own copyright to the images.

· All texts must be editable. Do not convert texts to outline. And make sure that you include all the fonts used in your project to the archived .zip file.

· Use a fictitious company name that describes the project, for example "food". Do not use a generic title like "Company name".

· You can make the elements in your design layered, for example place all texts on a layer, graphic elements on another layer and background on another layer.

· You can upload multiple file formats for your project (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop). The software version should be up to CC.

project folder illustration

· Do not embed images in your file. Please insert all used images separate in the archived .zip file (for .ai and .indd files).

· Remove all unnecessary elements that are not part of the design or outside the page area.

· Use the CMYK colours for printing projects and RGB colours for multimedia projects.

· Center your design within the page.

· Please have a PDF version of your project in the .zip file.

· Please don’t use special characters in the name of .zip file, this may cause problem when unzipping the file.

Rules when preparing the Project View Images:

· The only image formats accepted are JPG or PNG.

· The “Cover Image” size should be 230px wide by 260px height.

cover image illustration

· The “Project View Images” size should not exceed 715px wide by any height.

project image illustration

· Use the RGB colours (CMYK colours can not always show the real colours on the screen)

· Image Resolution: 72 dpi.

· If you are using elements in the Project Images that are not included in the artwork file (i.e. if you want to place your logo on a car, or if you are placing your logo on a device such as PC, tablet and/or mobile phone) you must make a notice of this in the descriptive text of the project.

· You can upload as many Project Images as you want for a project.



For "Standard License", there is a fixed price of $50. You can choose to have two different prices for your project. A project can have at least a “Standard License Price”. The “Exclusive License Price” is optional.

The “Standard License Price” means that after a Buyer purchase a project on Standard License Price, the project will still be available for purchase on CreatixWorld for other Buyers.

The “Exclusive License Price” means that after a Buyer purchases a project on Exclusive License Price, the project will no longer be available on CreatixWorld for purchase (CreatixWorld will automatically delete from the Site each project that was purchased on Exclusive License Price). An “Exclusive License Price” should be several times bigger than “Standard License Price”. If the project was sold previously as “Standard License Price” to another Buyer, the “Exclusive License Price” will no longer be available for that Project. The Buyer of an Exclusive License Price held the guarantee that he/she is the only Buyer of that Project and the Project will no longer be available for sale to other Clients after the Buyer purchases the Project.


Designer available for further changes option lets the client know that the Contributor is open for further design changes. It's strongly recommended to be available, as buyers frequently need a designer to perform further changes. Such work is done outside of CreatixWorld Site, directly between the Client and the Contributor and is charged separately from the project sale price. The Contributor has the full rights to decide the price of the changes requested by the Buyer.


Project Industry allow the Contributor to categorize the project to an area that best matches the potential use of that logo. You can choose multiple Industry, Style and/or File Formats that your project applies to.


Keywords allow the Contributor to enter up to 20 keywords that match the project. Separate each keyword with a comma.


Description field is the place where Contributors should describe what the project is all about. Describe the concept, the colours, the shapes, the symbols, the meaning and ideas behind the concept. Do not include any personal messages, like "hope you like it". Do not repeat offered services that are already listed by selecting the checkboxes, like "requested changes are included". If the Contributor is using elements in the Project Images that are not included in the artwork file (i.e. if it’s a label design for a juice and the label is placed on a bottle, or if it’s a website design and the website is placed on a device such as PC, tablet and/or mobile phone) the Contributor must make notice of this in the descriptive text of the project.

Copyrighted elements are those ready-made elements listed above at “Rules for how to prepare your files for upload” and if the project contains such elements, you must provide a link from where the Buyer can purchase the copyrights of each element.

We can currently pay contributors using PayPal. We're going to add more payment methods, such as Western Union and Wire Transfer.

To add your payment details you just have to click on Your Account tab on the top right of the CreatixWorld Site, then My Earnings and then click on Request Payout.

You only have to add your payment information into your CreatixWorld account after you’ve sold a project and Requested a Payout. Until then you may open a PayPal account, as this is the fastest and most convenient way of payment.

When you sold projects your share will be 65% from the sale price. CreatixWorld will pay the PayPal transfer fees, so you can receive your full share.

Selling your logos on your own
If it happened to sell one of your Exclusive License Price projects to your own clientele you have the responsibility to immediately remove that project from CreatixWorld Site.

What rights are you selling?
When a client purchases a project, it means that he/she must have complete control over the project's publication, distribution, and reproduction without any time limit. It also provides him with the flexibility to use it in whatever way is best for his organization. Please read our Terms of Use at Section 2 about the License/Assignment and Copyrights.


Important rules to follow

· It's not allowed to break any of the rules detailed above regarding uploaded project work.

· It's not allowed to offend anybody on the site by personal attacks. It's ok to criticize each other's work in a professional and helpful manner.

· We reserve the right to delete any users, projects, forum topics or comments on the site if they do not comply with our rules and hurt the business in any way.

· If a user breaks the rules he gets a strike one warning e-mail. After the third strike the user will be banned for life from the CreatixWorld Site.


Thanks for being a good member of the community and following our rules.



If you need any help with understanding the above information or instructions please feel free to take a look over FAQs or e-mail us. We'll be glad to help and make sure you can maximize your potential on CreatixWorld.

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